About Satyr

Satyr is an advanced, lightweight database created from Minimal.db for an enhanced LambdaMOO 1.8.1 server. New user accounts can be created from the login screen. Administrators are free to expand and change the database and its code.

Download Satyr
SystemNameDescriptionDocumentationSource FilesDownloadMD5 Hash
Satyr DatabaseOriginal Satyr databaseSource Download (29 KB)01d6fb6966e5a198014c519bd85bdf3a
LambdaMOO CentaurEnhanced LambdaMOO 1.8.1 server which can handle files and Linux shell commands- Download (388 KB)ab3ec2de4f4f505640f801d79b4d465f
LMC+NightEnhanced LambdaMOO 1.8.1 server which can process Night color codes [Experimental]- Download (395 KB)e66c67599bbc6830f378f74b703fd82a

Be sure to create a bin directory in the same directory as the executable and databases for filerun() to work.

To login to the database for the first time, the user is admin and the password is PASSWORD.

Module NameDescriptionDownloadDocumentationMD5 Hash
Disk AccessAdd disk access functionality Download (18 KB)f7afcadbbd323e469ab4fa9e0a8cdca6
Building & MovementAdd world-building and user movement Download (13 KB)23e58678695603e8f78aeebd216e9d93
Binary ConversionConvert strings and files to bit sequences and vice versa Download (9 KB)b70f36cb85ce45fd5475df1e4c3c00ff
Network InterfaceOpen and interact with basic TCP/IP connections Download (3 KB)5eb1e2884184d4f16182d27906ae0e63
Editor InterfaceAdd an editor interface for properties, verbs and files Download (17 KB)84f88ed73fd1cd174a67aa94f64828bb
Online HelpAdd online command help Download (10 KB)8f8f41248a8c4e2a2e05e1fc528a328c

Please read the comments especially at the top of each of these files as they contain important installation instructions.

Additional files for the Online Help Module can be found in the Help directory.

Module objects may be placed in a list-type property on a user object, $user.modules

New server commands can be added to a module object as opposed to $admin and $user.

Administrators can set modules for all and/or individual users.

If the module is not found in a user's .modules property, the verbs on it will not work for that user.